Late Works is a series of events comprised of cross-media improvisation and response between artists, musicians, designers, writers, film-makers and more. It aims to blur the boundaries between creative disciplines, as well as champion the spontaneous and diverse creativity inherent in a new generation of artists.

Collaboration is integral to the way that Late Works runs, so if you would like to talk about Late Works in any capacity, please email

Late Works was founded in September 2018 by Joseph Bradley Hill.

Events on their way: 4, Of Noise, In Camera & SLIP...


Present and past collaborators:

Mathias Karl Gontard (ONE, TWO, Paperweight, 3, LOOP)

Will Nicholls (ONE, TWO, Paperweight, 3, LOOP)

Amy Douglas-Morris (ONE, Paperweight, 3, LOOP)

Alice Bloomfield (Paperweight, 3, LOOP)

Tara Cunningham (ONE, TWO, 3)(Impromptu)

Jesse Doniach (ONE, TWO, 3)(Impromptu)

Billy Leach (ONE, TWO, 3)(Impromptu)

Joe Maclaren (ONE, TWO, 3)(Impromptu)

Ethan Reeves (ONE, TWO, Paperweight)

Luis Jacobs (Paperweight, LOOP)

Marco Pini / GG Skips (Paperweight, LOOP)(Slow Dance)

Jake Vine (Paperweight, LOOP)

Fergus Polglase (Paperweight, 3)

Jordan Hadfield (ONE, 3)(Impromptu)

Jade Delmage (TWO, Paperweight)

Jack Shearing (TWO, Paperweight)

Felix Bayley-Higgins (LOOP)

Cajm (LOOP)

Finn Carter (LOOP)

Kit Mosely (LOOP)

Natalie Moutrey (LOOP)

Liam Noonan (LOOP)(Guildhall Military Orchestra)

Slow Dance (LOOP)

Cy Worthington (LOOP)

Wyka (LOOP)

Evan Abell (3)(Impromptu)

Lluis Domènech Plana (3)(Impromptu)

Lara Laeverenz (3)

Mathilda Bennett-Greene (Paperweight)

Joe Bloom (Paperweight)

Yasmin Gapper (Paperweight)

Maya Levy (Paperweight)

Noah Mallassi (Paperweight)

Simona Orentaite (Paperweight)

Oliver Pearce (Paperweight)

Ellen Poppy Hill (Paperweight)

Millie Rose Dobree (Paperweight)

Inez Valentine (Paperweight)

Dougal Verinder Gedge (Paperweight)

Evie Ward (Paperweight)

Isobel Whalley-Payne (Paperweight)

Sophie Hawkins (S. HAWKINS / Late Works Pop-Up)

Wilf Diamond (TWO)(Impromptu)

Kristjan Kannukene (TWO)(Impromptu)

Antek Rutczyński (TWO)

Joe Taylor (TWO)(Impromptu)

Alex Dmochowski (ONE)(Impromptu)

Daniel Kerrison Stock (ONE)

With thanks to Chris Greenwood (Louie Louie), Kerry Bradley, Hoxton Store & Hannah Machover.